Sunday, October 14, 2012

Richmond Folk Festival - Day 2: Suddenly Seymour

I went back to the Richmond Folk Festival today and had SO MUCH FUN you guys!!!

First I got to watch how apple cider is made...

 ...and then I got to try some!

Then I went to watch a clown in a tent.

He did stuff like this:

and this...

So basically juggling. I was not impressed.
Not impressed.
He did other things, too, though. Like juggle rubber chickens. And juggling four things at a time.

Anyway, none of that really matters because after that...I met Seymour.

Seymour the Dinosaur
Seymour is a giant, red, soft, handsome dinosaur. Isn't he glorious? I know! I was instantly smitten.
I really, really could not get enough of Seymour.

I don't know why you and Mama kept pulling me away from Seymour and I don't know why you were embarrassed when I repeatedly kept running back to Seymour, ruining other kids' photo ops, just to hug him and touch his soft, smooth fur. Over and over and over again.
Back off, kid!
Even this wondrous thing could not sway me from my true love.
Pick me up so we can get out of here.
At least hold my hand.
I love you.

It was hard to say goodbye. But then, there was this:

Hula hooping!

I made lots of friends!!

C'mon, let's hula.

By the end of the day, I was completely tuckered out. I listened to the last performer, bluegrass legend Ralph Stanley, half asleep.
Why, yes, I'd love some Mountain Dew.

I can't wait go back next year!!!
Don't forget me, Seymour!

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  1. This is an epic post. I'm sure Seymour will wait for you.