Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Playground Review: Out of Town Edition

So naturally I have to check out the closest playground when I'm away from home. A baby's got priorities.

This one was pretty good. It didn't have asphalt or fake grass on the ground like I'm used to, but some kind of dirt and wood chip mix which was new and interesting. And delicious! It's too bad Mama missed the shot of me putting an entire handful of the dirt and wood chip medley into my mouth. Yep, a whole handful right in there. Mama was pulling out pieces of debris for quite a while after that. She's really got to work on her speed.

The playground had a wiggly bridge, which I've encountered at home but still haven't quite mastered.

And a cool double slide. Racing down with you was fun, Daddy!

I totally win.
There was also a spiral slide. I've never gone down a spiral slide this big so it was nice to ride down on your lap, Daddy.

Then, of course, I had to do it by myself. Backwards.

Where'd everybody go?

My 3 most important criteria for playground rating are ground material, slides, and extras. Let's see how this playground stacks up:

1. Ground material: dirt and wood chip blend = delicious.
2. Slides: double and spiral = awesome.
3. Extras: wiggly bridge, swings (not pictured), see-saw (also not pictured), bench = niiiice.

The bench.

So, based on my criteria I'd rate this playground 4 goldfish crackers. 

I'd go back. Also, I'd like a snack.

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