Monday, October 1, 2012

I Went to the Animal Fair

It was a little disconcerting waking up in a strange room today, but then I remembered that you and Mama said we would be visiting relatives up north. Also, Bunny and Monkey were there so all was well.
Bunny and Monkey love

I know that I'm new to the family and still learning about all our customs and traditions, but I didn't expect to be breaking any child labor laws today.

Can I stop now?
Anyway, for basically cleaning the entire house I was promised a petting zoo. The "zoo" consisted entirely of goats and they were very nice. I fed them pellets out of my hand and still have all 10 fingers!

  Here I am feeding a goat!

And here I am feeding two goats!

Here I am petting a goat.

 And here I am slapping a goat!

Here's a goat kissing my hand Godfather-style.

And here's a goat giving me hoof and mouth disease.

Here are the goats pining for me after I left.
Come back, Sadiegoose!

Here's video capturing my foray into the wild:

Notice how the video ends after I try to eat the goat food. You and Mama are such control freaks.

After the goats I also saw a pig, 

and horses!

Actually, I mainly saw horse butts because they were all in their stalls eating hay, snorting, and stomping their feet. I love horses!!

Overall, it was a great day of doing chores, feeding goats, and visiting pig pens and horse stalls. Even though I'm a city baby I think that I might have just a little bit of a farm girl in me!

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