Saturday, September 28, 2013

Beach Baby Part II - Post Season

All my recent traveling has been exhausting. So to relax and refresh, I went to the beach again!

That's Daddy, me, and Uncle Bissy greeting the water!

We are all in Rehoboth Beach for some fun in the sun. I had so much fun at the beach this summer that I couldn't wait to get back into the water! Here I go:

Holy freezing moly, people!! Did you know that the water is frigid this time of year?? No wonder there's barely anyone else here. Someone really needs to explain things like "post season" to me before I go bounding into the bounding main like a veteran member of the Polar Bear club. Notice how I run away at the end and head straight toward the sun trying to seek some warmth. Oh, it's hilarious, Mama, laugh it up. And you, too, Daddy.

I hope you're still laughing tomorrow when I throw your shoes into the water and you have to run in to get them. At high tide.

I'm talking about you, flip flops.

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