Saturday, October 13, 2012

Richmond Folk Festival - Day 1: Fee Fi Fiddle-e-i-o

Today I went to the Richmond Folk Festival! Here I am enjoying the afternoon:


After my super long nap, it was nice to get out and ride on your shoulders, Daddy. Can you find me in the photo below? Hint: I'm wearing pink. Also, there's a giant arrow pointing at my head.
Where's Sadie?

Here I am!

We went to hear some fiddle music. 
Liz Carroll Trio
I had fun clapping along!
Who knew I liked fiddles?

I know you weren't expecting the baby zombie attack after that, though.

I felt really bad about it.
I didn't mean to eat your face!

After that I was demoted to watching the rest of the festival from the ground.

On real grass

It's glorious!!

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