Thursday, October 4, 2012

Party In My Crib

Sometimes when I wake up from a nap Mama let's me stay in my crib and play a little bit. I'm not sure exactly what Mama was doing today because after-nap playtime was off the hook.

Yeah, you see all the stuff in my crib? And all the empty/tipped over baskets? I did that. It turns out I can now reach all the things that are on the side of my crib. The baskets, the truck, the ball, the stuffed animals - pretty much everything that's over there is now fair game. I played in my crib for like an hour after I woke up!

When Mama came in to get me I had to signal to her so she would know where I was.
Here I am!
*Note from Mama: Don't worry, I was supervising everything via her monitor. And I was able to actually unpack everything from our recent trip without a little monkey climbing in a suitcase or opening a drawer and pulling out everything I just put away. Woot!

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