Friday, August 31, 2012

One Cake Leaves

So it was my birthday again. Again.

You again

Judging by the candle I'm still one. I really can't keep track of all these birthdays - I just eat the cake. Now technically this celebration was yesterday, but I'm posting about it today because said cake and its after-effects made blogging challenging last night. I might only be one (many times over) but I'm wise in the way of cake and babies. This was a double chocolate cake. DOUBLE CHOCOLATE!! Given to a baby right before bedtime. Do the math. Or I can just sum it up for you in one word: Thunderdome.

Wait, you're taking photos?


Needless to say, this was me at night-night time:

So thank you for the super-extended-lullaby portion of bedtime, Daddy! You have a lovely and soothing singing voice.  xoxo

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