Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Minor Opus

Check out what I did in class today:

I played with these colorful thingys! I don't know what they are but they're fun to play with! Also, delicious.

there was this giant stamp pad with a variety of stamper shapes. It was pretty cool, too.

But, most importantly, was this:

I embarked upon my career as an artiste. Check out my very first piece:

It may look simple, but for all you amateurs let's break it down:
--Orange paint with some hints of yellow and a slight undertone of red: symbolizes the complex                               components that make up all of us.
--Broad, short brush strokes: introduces the concepts of joie de vivre and mortality.
--Thick layers/multiple coats: we are all multifaceted, wear many hats, play many roles, are like onions, etc., etc..
--Under-utilization of paint medium: I'm only 33 inches tall, give me a break.

My work will be on display on the refrigerator at home from today until an as of yet unknown date. Please contact Mama to arrange a viewing.

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