Sunday, March 17, 2013


Grandma got a new dog. Her name is Lily and she is smaller than me!*

Here I am playing ball with Lily in her playpen:

And here I am in Lily's crate, natch:

Here I am in my ball pool (on a very important phone call). The blob to my right is Lily.

Mama has stated many times that there is NO WAY to get a single photo of both Lily and me together without one of us being blurry (as evidenced above). Lily runs around everywhere, steals all my toys, and makes funny sounds. She's kind of like a stuffed animal on crack. Finally someone that can keep up with me!!

*RIP Nova. You were the very best dog to be the first dog in my life. I hope you're eating lots of Milkbones in doggie heaven.

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