Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Christmas!

I'm 15 months old today! For my birthday I got a Christmas tree!!

Thanks, Santa!?
Ok, so I didn't get a Christmas tree. What I actually got was a trip to Home Depot! Yay. It seems like I'm here pretty much all the time. Daddy, is this our new "home" you keep mentioning?

Anyway, the Home Depot-ers love me, I'm sure. I do things like this:

This tub is too small.

And this:
I like the subtle and elegant curve of this tub -
it reminds me of the works of  Bernini.
And this:
Let's see how many times I can open the door!

Thanks for celebrating my 15th month birthday with me, HD! 

Sidenote to HD management: Again, I appreciate your decoration efforts but it's not even Thanksgiving yet. Couldn't you at least have a turkey roaming around? Or maybe some of the dried corn on the cob that the Halloween witch was holding?? That's Thanksgiving-y and you already have it! I just hate to see you contribute to "Christmas creep" (not to be confused with the Grinch, of course), in which retailers keep moving the holiday shopping season earlier. However, if you can perform a Christmas miracle and contribute to our apartment renovation finishing earlier, then by all means creep away.

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