Sunday, October 13, 2013

Richmond Folk Festvial, Year 2 - Day 2: Rain, Man

So, it's still raining here at the Richmond Folk Festival. But it didn't stop these guys from doing whatever it is they're doing:

What are they doing??

After experiencing this amazing entertainment outside, we decided to check out what was going on inside the tents. We saw this incredible Indian dancer:

I was mesmerized.

And I made this hat:
New hat.

It's a little big...
...but I love it!
Then I lost my hat. But I got ice cream.

And anybody who's anybody knows that any day a toddler has ice cream is a good day.

Oh, and of course I rode on the carousel again:
with my cousin Chase!!!

So despite the lack of a certain red dinosaur and all the friggin' rain, I had a great time. See ya next year, Folks!

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