Monday, August 19, 2013

Two Princess

FOREWORD: If this post seems like déjà vu to you, it's because it was originally posted in real time back in August. You know, when it actually happened. But since this blog is always backdated by, oh, three months or so, here it is again!

It's my 2nd birthday!!!

If it's anything like last year's birthday, it will probably be my second birthday many times over, and I'll be so hopped up on sugar from all the cake that I won't sleep until my third birthday. But here's what happened so far.

 I woke up to this: 
A ginourmous choo choo set!
I played with it ALL morning. No, I would not go outside. I also Skyped with Uncle Alex while opening his presents - so it was just like he was here!* Except that every time I high-fived him on the tablet, I would accidentally hit a button and hang up on him. *Note: It really wasn't like he was here at all! Also, how did he know I would love Mr. Potato Head??

Later, I got a very special necklace. Here's Daddy putting it on me:

A pink heart!

And my subsequent dash to the mirror to check out how it looks:

Then we went out to have dinner. But first I had to take a brief moment to stop and give myself and my new necklace a birthday hug on the street.

At dinner I had a cocktail, natch:

And a balloon, of course:

And something chocolatey/ice creamy with a candle in it:

People were singing, which made me a little shy for a moment:

Then I blew out the candle:

And dug in!

I even had a moment to snuggle with Mama and my dolly before bed.

It was a great day! I can't wait for all the rest of my 2nd birthday celebrations. Bring on the cake!!

EPILOGUE. One day my blog will catch up to the present, I know it!

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