Friday, July 19, 2013

All Aboard the Choo Choo Train

Do you know that I love choo choo trains? I do! And today I rode on one!! According to Mama, this one is called the Lirr. I was so excited!!

Then I got on the train.
What was that?

Who's that?

What have I gotten myself into??

Maybe I overestimated this whole "choo choo" thing. There sure were a lot of noises and goings-on around me.

Then we started moving, and when we finally came out from underground I was able to look out the window.

We're moving so fast!

And then...
the train tooted it's horn! 

Trip/day/week made.

After the train ride, I went to Grandma's house. Lily was very excited to see me and we sat on a chair together for three seconds.

The black blur is Lily.

Then I went in a pool with a dinosaur:

I bet you didn't swim with a dinosaur today.

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