Friday, February 8, 2013

Indoor Wonderland

I went to a "Winter Carnival!" It's a "carnival" in the "winter" and it's held indoors, not outside! That's how we roll here in NYC, folks. There weren't any rides but there were lots of things for me to get my hands into. Literally. There was:

a water table,

a bucket of miscellanea,

this one was really cool!...

it's a trough of dried lentils!!

Oh, and Play-Doh! 
Overall, it was a good time. Especially the part where I smeared my hand in glue and then dipped it in the trough of dried lentils. My hand looked like a strip of Candy Buttons!

Perhaps Mama would have taken a photo if her hands weren't covered in glue, feathers, and glitter.

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